Football World Rankings

Unfortunately, Football World Rankings® are still on hold

It is certain that the Covid-19 pandemic has seriously affected the continuity and enjoyment of football. The established national leagues and international tournaments within continents are the enduring foundation on which football has become the greatest sport on the planet.

The Football World Rankings provide an additional measuring point. Clubs, coaches and top scorers from all continents feel recognized fairly while reflecting a fair weighting of the strength of each continent

This measurement function is increasingly appreciated. It is illustrated by the strong increase in visitors and countless media referring to the rankings

Due to lack of financial resources, we can no longer continue to publish the weekly rankings. Help us to keep the rankings alive. A patron or sponsor, who endorses our mission and makes the restart and further expansion possible, is very welcome. It would be a big disappointment if the rankings disappear. If you can help us, please contact the founder

Kind regards,
Frank Verweijen
Founder of Football World Rankings.